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Wanton Wednesday @ 5/11/2011

May 11, 2011

Role Play

I’ll play the dad; you play the daughter.
We can do things that we shouldn’t oughter.
You can be shy, I’ll be demanding,
You can resist, I’ll be commanding.
You can get a bit undressed,
And let me see your baby breasts,
You can feel me getting firm,
Stroke my hard and make me squirm.
I will strip you, I will touch you,
I will spread you, I will stuff you.

Wanton Wednesday @ 1/26/2011

January 26, 2011

Right Hand

Any palm readers out there?

Wanton Wednesday @ 1/12/2011

January 12, 2011

Not especially wanton, but it is what it is.

Wanton Wednesday @ 12/22/2010

December 22, 2010

I don’t think I can find a wanton body part to show off every week, but this week, I’m giving it a try.

“Not So Wanton Wednesday”

December 8, 2010

I really appreciate what Wanton Wednesday does to increase my readership, but I didn’t have time to prepare yesterday. I’ll try to get with it.

I had a progression of thoughts that ranged from wantonness to easy women and one-night stands. This is not an area in which I have experience and expertise. In fact, I’ve wondered from time to time just how a conversation between new acquaintances gets from “hello” to “my place or yours?” in an hour or two. Just how does a guy articulate a desire to jump into the sack with a new face?

A couple years ago, there were shows on TV about dating in LA, NY, etc. They followed folks, mostly female, around with cameras. I remember a scene between a “Sex and the City”-type New York girl and a self-absorbed Brit. It wasn’t going well, but as the guy idly pushed his food around with his fork, he inquired “No, chance of a shag, I suppose?” None, actually.

I would think that it would be a lot easier at the second meeting than at the first. There is some wraith of memory to allude to. There are comparisons to be made; she was dressed sexier then, or she is dressed sexier now.

How about 9pm at the pizza place on the corner? I’ll buy you a glass of wine at the bar, and then your place?

Any readers who have posts about being propositioned, please give me link. I’d like to see what’s reported from the real world.

Alternate Realities

October 13, 2010

Even those of us who are not wanton in reality get to be wanton when not in reality. It used to be that the only non-real experience was imagination. We all use imagination for sex, as when stroking it alone. Sex without imagination is a no-go at levels, I suspect.

In the modern world, there are additional types of non-real experience. Pornography, to the extend that it transcends imagination, is one, probably the biggest. There are various games with sexual components. And there are virtual reality environments like Second Life and the Red Light Center. I’ve never tried those.

To me,  chat rooms are another form of virtual reality.  On the internet, it’s been observed, no one knows if you’re a dog. Often, no one actually knows your gender. And norms of behavior are different. Even in this debased age, I doubt that “A/S/L?” is an effective pickup line at the corner saloon.

I’ve had conversations in online chat with women from around the country in which they were candid about their sex life. They told me what happens in their bed in detail they would probably prefer their best girlfriend didn’t know. And I repaid them in kind. Hot stuff some it. Sad stuff, too.

In recent years, the chat world has slipped around, and I think I’ve lost track. Video has become the norm. The big forums, like Yahoo Chat, are overrun with ‘bots, undercut by deference to social norms, and depopulated by boredom. I don’t know where to go for good chat anymore.

Is the internet growing old?

Wanton Wednesday @ 10/5/2010

October 6, 2010

A poem on the theme:

If you’re wanton,
You’re wantin’ it a lot.
If you’re wanton,
You’re knowin’ that you’re hot.
If you’re wanton,
You’re struttin’ what you’ve got.
If you’re wanton,
You’re always hot to trot.

Whether elegant or sleazy,
You’re compliant and you’re easy,
If you’re wanton,
You’re wantin’ it a lot.

If you’re wanton,
You’re wantin’ it tonight.
If you’re wanton,
You don’t wait for Mr. Right.
If you’re wanton,
Resistance will be slight.
If you’re wanton,
You’ll give it up without a fight.

When you’re burning with the fever,
You’re a wanton eager beaver.
If you’re wanton,
You’ll be gettin’ it tonight.


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