TMI Tuesday @ 11/12/2013

November 12, 2013

People don’t stick to the straight and narrow. Have you seen them stray?

Great questions today.

1. Did any teachers in your high school have sex with a student? Did any students act out on a teacher crush?

Yes, but maybe not in my time. In my soph or jr year, two new male teachers arrived, both coaches. One, my French teacher, struck up a relationship with a girl in my class. They chatted outside his classroom at every class change. I don’t know if they had sex, but I did hear that he talked about some of their goings on with the guys on the football team.

The other guy, my history teacher, was fired a year or so after I graduated because of a relationship with a girl.

2. Did any professors at your college (or other post-high school) have sex or other inappropriate relationship, with a student?

Not that I know of. My alma mater was all men when I was there. No tempting coeds, not many female teachers. One of my fraternity brothers spent a year screwing a teacher at the local public school, but that doesn’t count.

3. Have any of your co-workers had an affair with another co-worker?

Oh yeah, with marriages and divorces resulting.

A story: back in the pre-PC days, there was a computer room with six terminals connected to the main-frame. There are a couple other male programmers in there, no females, and a young woman walks in to give a paper to someone. When she’s gone, Programmer A says to Programmer B “Wouldn’t you like to have her sit on your face?” Not too long there after, it was revealed that Prog B was dating her, and eventually they married.

4. Have you seen hanky-panky between members of a church or club that you belong to?

Oh year. One of the women at the yacht club is notably promiscuous. One my friends said of her “she’s screwed all the men at the club except you and me, and I’m not so sure about you.”

5. Have you ever had a friend keep you up-to-date on his/her marital infidelities?

No, but close.

Bonus: Have you caught someone you knew out with a person who was not his/her regular partner?

Not in a suspicious circumstance. What is “out with”? Just seeing a couple people at lunch is not “out with”, though the one time I lunched with a particular co-worker, I did feel I was close to dangerous ground.

OTOH, there was a woman who sailed with me all the time, and I’m sure that most of the people at the club who didn’t think she was my mistress thought she was my wife. She was neither.

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2 Responses to “TMI Tuesday @ 11/12/2013”

  1. Heaven Says:

    Wow just wow at number 4. Tisk tisk such a shame.

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