TMI Tuesday @ 11/5/2015

November 5, 2013

This week we have a few interesting questions about food.

1. If your sandwich is cut in half on the diagonal, creating two triangles do you bite the hypotenuse or the point?

Point. It makes more sense to nibble your way to a compact shape than to a long skinny crust that falls apart.

2. Dipping a tortilla chip– do you dip the tip or the side of the chip to scoop the dip?

Side. I worry a chip will break off and stick the dip.

3. Do you think you drink too much coffee? How much do you drink daily? What is a “cup” of coffee to you–how many ounces/grams?

Usually three mugs a day, one before cereal, one after cereal, and one mid-morning. Average size is 8 to 10 oz.

4. Do you take cream in your tea? How many sugars?

I detest cream in either tea or coffee. I want my tea to have pretty color and be sparklingly clear. One small sugar.

5. How do you eat a burrito?
a. Pick it up with your hands, bite into an end.
b. Cut it in half, then pick up one half and eat it.
c. Eat it with a fork and knife
d. Open the tortilla, eat the food inside and eat the tortilla last.
e. Other

Burritos are not in my menu cycle. A true burrito is a knife and fork dish. If you’re picking it up, it’s not really a burrito.

6. Pizza…How do you eat a slice?
a. Pick it up and eat it as an open slice.
b. Pick it up and fold it together, then bite into it.
c. Leave it on the plate and eat with a fork and knife.
e. I eat the crust first, then the rest of the slice.

Just enough fold to limit drooping. No one likes drooping.

…Why do you eat your pizza like that?

Maximum efficiency, minimum topping loss, minimum mess.

What is the weirdest thing that you are into?

I’ll restrict this to food.

It’s a tricky question because, obviously, if I’m into it, I don’t think it weird. Certainly of our least obvious recipes is one for Orange Chicken that gets its orange goodness from marmalade. It’s on the La Choy website:

We skip the lo mein noodles and serve it on rice.

Bonus, bonus:
Do you care if your different foods, on a plate, touch each other? Yes!?! What’s that all about?

I tend to mix the things on the plate.

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One Response to “TMI Tuesday @ 11/5/2015”

  1. AirenWolf Says:

    MMmmmmmmm that recipe looks like a new dish to try this week….but it’s not really weird (in my opinion) :D

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