Get Ready

July 3, 2012

I wonder if there is a best meal before sex. My mental archive is next to silent on the topic. I faintly recall a suggestion of oysters justified by a nutrition analysis, and not just their legendary (in the sense of mythical) aphrodisiac powers.

Some folks go at sex in a way that requires considerable stamina. They might be inclined to heed the advice of football players who go for high carbs. A shag is a not a football game, energy-wise, and I doubt that makes much difference.

Of course, alcohol is often consumed in the pre-foreplay minutes. It’s the quickest anxiety reducer known to man.

A guy named Dr. Daniel Amen has been appearing on PBS talking about the brain. (Note: some people think he’s a charleton.) He suggested that dark chocolate triggered an anticipation that something good was going to happen. That sounds good, whether it works or not.

I wonder if there are any special mushrooms that are special in just the right way.

2 Responses to “Get Ready”

  1. Isabella Says:

    Haha….special mushrooms!!!!

  2. I like chocolate – but prefer to be a little hungry before sex ; )

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