TMI Tuesday @ 4/22/2014

April 22, 2014

Odds and ends this week. Some very odd, and some way down at the end of the road.

1. How addicted are you? You are in a rush, there is no time to make your morning coffee or stop to buy it. However, you can save time and get your “energy high” by brushing your teeth with a caffeine-infused toothbrush. Would you buy and use this product? Why or why not?

No. I really want my morning coffee, but it’s about 50% caffeine, and 50% the drinking experience.

2. You made a sex list of all the things you’d like to do but haven’t done. The list was lost and discovered by your boss at work. He/she ask if they can help you tick a few items off the list. What do you say?

No. My boss is of the female gender, so it wouldn’t be impossible, but even with a hefty dose of fantasy, I don’t fancy her sexually.

3. Sex around the house. Have you ever been bent over the kitchen counter or bent a lover over the kitchen counter and fucked? What did you like most about it? What did you like least?

Kitchen counters are a little high, aren’t they? I think a desk or the dining room table would work better. No experience (yet), but I could go for this.

4. Sexting…How do you really feel about it?
a. Meh? Not my thing.
b. Can take it or leave it, usually have to be begged to do it
c. I like it, it’s like foreplay.
d. Love it! I’m always sending naughty notes and steamy pics.
e. What’s your number? I have a daily sexting list, wanna sign up?

I don’t have any serious experience, thought I’ve sent some pretty steamy messages via IM.

5. What do you love to sniff? Why?

The skin of an aroused woman. Let me just get a whiff of your cleavage, if you don’t mind.

Bonus: What is it?

Explain how you would use it.

I suppose it’s a cock cage. I doubt it’s going to be a big favorite of mine, but any day you have a woman playing with your cock is a good day.

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TMI Tuesday @ 4/15/2014

April 15, 2014

Questions on vacations matters this week.

Does not depict blog author or relative.

1) What mode of transportation do you prefer for vacation: a) car, b) bus, c) train, d) cruise ship, e) airplane, f) other?

Car, if you can get there in a day, otherwise airplane. That said, I’ve been on three cruises and enjoyed them a lot. The high rate of sickness on cruise ships is off-putting, though.

2) What baggage strategy do you use when flying: a) carry-on only, b) gate check excess bags, c) check baggage, d) ship bags ahead, e) other?

We just go ahead and check a bag, usually one huge shared bag.

3) What is your accommodation strategy: a) luxury hotel, b) bed and breakfast c) cheap hotel/motel, d) stay with family/friends, e) camping or RV, e) other?

Most of our recent travel has been to see family, so we’re usually either staying with them or looking for a not-very-expensive hotel. We stayed in a B&B once, and I’d do that again in a minute.

4) What world-famous places have you visited on vacation? These can be commercial tourist attractions (Disney World), museums (The Louvre), historic places (Gettysburg), natural wonders (Yellowstone, Yosemite), or anything else?

We live near NYC, so a large percentage of our famous places visits have not be on vacation trips. In fact, one of the most famous public spaces in the US is hard to avoid: Grand Central Terminal.

We’ve been to Disney World (Orlando). Also to many New England staples such as Mystic Seaport, Sturbridge Village, and Plymouth Plantation. We’ve seen many of the famous locations in Boston (e.g. Old North Church, Paul Revere’s House.) Speaking of houses, we’ve been to the Betsy Ross House in Philly.

Although we have family near LA, we have not done the sights there, except for a recent visit to the La Brea Tar Pits.

5) Where do you really, really want to go someday?

I really can’t think of any place I would go to great visit just to see.

6) What you would you like to go back to see again?

Maine. My family vacationed there when I was a kid, I went to college there, and we honeymooned there.

Bonus: Have you ever had sex with someone you just met while on vacation? Tell us about it.

Boy, could I tell you story! But it would be a tall tale since nothing like that ever happened to me. (OTOH, the possibility of a piece of tall tail has me excited.)

Bonus, Bonus: While vacationing, have you ever had sex in a moving car, bus, train, or airplane?

Gosh, but these questions, or perhaps I should say these answers, make me sound very dull. Whatever, no moving violations for me. (Thank you, Woody Allen.)

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TMI Tuesday @4/8/2014

April 8, 2014

Once again, we have TMI questions that reach beyond my experience and which approach the far end of my imagination. However, I will rely on the willing suspension of disbelief and supply the best answers I can. (Criterion for “best” not provided.)

1. Would you take or have you taken a sexually themed vacation getaway (i.e., Hedonism, Club Fantasy Island, Cap d’Agde)? Why or why not?

I’d never heard of any of these, so I looked one (Cap d’Agde) up and found this on an official-seeming website:

Although we believe there are still more non-swingers than swingers, the swingers are much more present and it seems that they have taken over the place with sexual activities in public, sexparties and a lot of drinking or other means which can influences the state of the body and mind. Every year thousands of swingers are going to Cap d’Agde to celebrate their swingersholiday with other open-minded people in this huge swingers resort. Of course you will find here many European swingers, but also more and more people from other continents are discovering the swingers possibilities in Cap d’Agde.

Officially it is prohibited, but you will find public sex and swingers activities on the swingers beach and in the dunes of Cap d’Agde. You should not expect that everyone is doing that sort of things, and of course certainly not whole day, they would get exhausted, but if you lay down and look around carefully, you will see a lof of things happening, which you wouldn’t see on a normal beach, especially in the late afternoon and beginning of the evening. Furthermore you will find a lot of swinging in the swinger clubs, at the naked foam parties and at private parties. Also there are some hotels in the nudist area of Cap d’Agde which are for couples only (18+) where you can have sex anywhere. This includes the pool area, where many couples will enjoy this sexual liberty and look at other people who will do the same. Meanwhile the staff of these hotels are serving drinks, like nothing unusual is happening. It is almost abnormal not having sex there.

Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas anymore!

Now, in truth, my voyeur side would definitely go for a day-trip, but I’m much too cautious to jump into the fray.

2. You have won an erotic fantasy weekend getaway package custom fit to your needs. Describe the fantasy you desire.

Well, this is totally impossible, but if it were possible, perhaps we can go erotic with a yachting theme. We need a large sailboat with professional crew, a couple male guests and a bevy of female guests. The number of females aboard should be slightly greater than the number of males. The program is sun, sailing, champagne, nude sun bathing, and getting laid.

3. An artist has decided that you are his/her inspiration. They want to capture the essence of your sexiness in a sculpture. What would that sculpture look like? Describe it for us or post a photo of an existing sculpture that you believe closely captures the essence of your sexiness.

4. You are being paid 500,000 USD to pose as a live nude model mimicking one of sculptures in the photo below. Which sculpture will you recreate live? Why?

I’m not strong enough to hold the lady up in the air, and I don’t think I’d find it especially sexy. I go with the #3 male. I’ve never gotten a blow job from a blue girl.

5. Which book title fits your current thoughts of love, sex or romance?
a. No More Silly Love Songs
b. The Joy of the Quickie
c. Dr. Seth’s Love Prescription
d. Why Do Fools Fall In Love

And the answer is “A”, No more Silly Love Songs, not that I’ve read the book or necessarily agree with it. Even back in the Dark Ages when we were courting, my wife and I didn’t have “our” song, except maybe for “What Do You Get When You Fall In Love.”

Bonus: Which one is you? See the sculpture below. Tell us which position you would like to occupy and write a caption.

Well, there is only one male, so that must be me. Still, it fails due to excessive athleticism.

Here is an un-called-for bonus:

Near where I live, we had a horny old artist of some considerable renown who painted picture after picture of Leda and the Swan. The story doesn’t make any more, or any less, sense than most of ancient mythology, but a subject for art, it presents certain problems. Is one realistic about the comparative sizes of the subjects? How does the inter-species thing work? How explicit should you make it? Was it truly rape, or some sort of violent seduction? As a topic, it’s pretty un-PC today, of course. (I’ve probably already offended a feminist.) And could a swan overpower a woman?

As it happens, I’ve seen a man in hand-to-hand combat with a swan, and while I’m not at all sure the bird could be dominant enough to accomplish rape, it would be a hell of a fight.

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Doggy Temptress

April 6, 2014

She got on hands and knees,
And waved her rear at me.
It wig-ed and waggled in the breeze,
Tempting as can be be.
I could see milady’s box,
Glistening pink and wet.
I filled it with my sturdy cock,
And soon our needs were met.


April 2, 2014

In the family room of her parent’s house,
I unbuttoned Martha’s blouse,
And felt her boobs, and kissed her nips,
And heard a moan escape her lips.

On a queen bed in her parent’s loft,
I slipped Martha’s panties off
And licked her pussy, pink and wet,
And got her hot as she could get.

In the pool house, in her parent’s yard,
I boned Martha hot and hard.
My hard-on plunging in her twat,
She moaned and moaned and moaned a lot.

TMI Tuesday @ 4/1/2014

April 1, 2014

No April Fool here. The topic is Computer Love.

There is a certain air of naughtiness about some of the questions, so, not to disappoint, here is smartphone picture.


1. What’s the wallpaper (photo, design, etc) on your phone, laptop or PC? Is it the same or different on these devices?

For big screens (desktops and laptops), I prefer landscapes and seascapes without a lot of detail so the icons show up easily. They are usually pictures I’ve taken myself.

2. What’s on the desktop of your phone or notebook/tablet (i.e., icons, files, windows etc.)?

They are a selection from the ones supplied with the phone.

3. What type of computer device do you use most often?

For a long time, the household got along on one Windows desktop. A couple of years ago, I added a laptop. Beginning in November, we had a small explosion and we now have an iPad, a Nexus 7 tablet, and a Moto X smartphone. I probably spend the most time with the Nexus 7, while my wife uses the iPad.

4. How many computer type devices do you own including smartphones?

As listed above, four. That doesn’t count the Commodore 128 in the attic.

5. Do you make sexy videos with your smartphone?

Never. Not with my video camera, either. The pictures in the post are from the smartphone.

6. Do you video-chat naked or have virtual sex using your computer?

No. It’s embarrassing, but I don’t know how to hook up with anyone since the internet has gone so commercial. If you want to tell me, my Yahoo Messenger name is “recusen”.

7. How many naked photos of your whole body or your body parts have you taken with your smartphone camera?

None, with my smartphone camera. I have other cameras, though.

8. What is the most photographed part of your body?

Other than my face? What do you want to see?

Bonus: Post a photo of the most photographed part of your body.

I know I posted a hand one, so here is a foot.


Bonus, Bonus: Do you use a screensaver? If yes, post a pic of it.

I don’t. Screensavers are passe.

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Hornyman’s Song

March 29, 2014

I would fuck, if I had the chance.
I’d get in some woman’s pants,
Roll her over, lay her down,
Get it on, and go to town.

I would fuck, if I had the chance.
I would do the mating dance,
Pound the poon-tang. Maid or whore,
Put the sausage home, and score!

TMI Tuesday @ 3/18/2014

March 18, 2014

Consumer purchase behavior is much studied. These questions are about your buying behavior with respect to different products.

1. Name a category for which you are very fussy and only one product will do. Name the product.

Arrowhead Mills Buttermilk pancake flour.

2. Name a category for which you are fussy about quality and buy top-of-the-line brands.

Maple syrup, as long as “fussy” means real maple syrup and “top-of-the-line” means not pancake syrup, i.e. flavored corn syrup.

3. Name a category for which you are most interested in price, and will buy whatever brand is cheapest.

Batteries, meaning AA cells and similar. Published product tests indicate that there isn’t much difference between brands. Batteries are about the only thing I would go to Walmart for, and then, only if it was convenient.

4. Name a category for which you are unable to find a satisfactory product.

Hats. The men’s hat market has been reduced to stocking caps and baseball caps. Any other type seems a tad oddball. I had a faux fur astrakhan (see below) that I wore for a number of years.

I prefer a plush fur to the knobbly Persian lamb.

5. Name a product that has disappeared from the market for which you have been unable to find a satisfactory substitute.

Hydrox cookies. (Oreos are totally awful and a waste of money.) Current best substitute: WhoKnew Chocolate Sandwich.
And also, Archway Hermit cookies. The last really good hermits came from the Big Y’s in house bakery.

Apparently, the cookie market is a big disappointment for me.

6. Name a product that you buy that your mother or father used to buy.

Dial Soap. Also many products used in cooking, such as Arm & Hammer baking soda and Grandma’s molasses.

7. Name a product that you won’t buy because your mother or father used to buy it.

I can’t think of any product that’s been tainted by a bad memory. Mom did use a lot of shortcut cooking products that I wouldn’t use now, e.g. Minute Rice.

8. Name a product that is over-rated.

Starbuck’s Coffee.

9. Name a product that is under-rated.

Synthetic vanilla (Vanillin). I saw a blind taste test of different brands of vanilla. The panel of haughty chefs picked the synthetic. Probably, the next day they were back to insisting on only authentic Madagascar vanilla.

Bonus: If there was one product that you would re-invent or improve, what is it?

Goo Gone. It’s better than nothing, but not good enough.

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TMI Tuesday @ 3/11/2014

March 11, 2014

The masks of Comedy and Tragedy are used as a symbol of the theater through the power to communicate emotion.

In which we are asked to reveal our emotions.

1. Laughter: What makes you laugh?

The usual things: incongruity, surprise, creativity, etc. On the whole, I’m easily amused despite my skeptical nature.

2. Anger: This past week, who or what really pissed you off? What happened?

I guess it was actually the week before last, I was “on vacation” but I kept in touch since there was some important work to be done. However, I got a lot of questions that no one tried even to investigate before they resorted to asking me.

3. Fear: What phobia did you have but overcame?

The closest thing I have to a conventional phobia is fear of heights. It’s not too severe, but I hate being near anyone who is close to a precipice. I don’t like seeing a neighbor up on his roof emptying a rain gutter.

There are things that don’t really cause fear but which I can’t make myself do. One is calling people on the phone and asking them to do something, or give money to someone. You can give me a list, but don’t expect me to actually call.

I haven’t gotten over either of those, but on the whole, I have spent very few seconds paralyzed with fear over the last 40 years or so.

4. Surprise: Recently, what unexpected act or behavior did you experience in your sex life?

I was going to say the the God of Surprise (insert name here) does not often visit the conjugal bed, however, as far as i can tell the classical mythologies don’t feature a god of surprise. The closest I got was DOLOS (or Dolus), the spirit (daimon) of trickery, cunning deception, craftiness, treachery and guile. Fortunately, we don’t share the bed with him.

5. Trust: Many on-going relationships have a certain predictability about them. Does that certainty translate into trust?

Deep question. The short answer is yes, but only to a very limited degree. Plenty of cheaters come home every night for dinner. I think trust is based on a reading of character, and on the person’s preferences and priorities.

6. Excitement: Who do you excite?

Oh, baby, no one ever called me exciting.

Bonus: What intimate activity do you share with your partner, something that is meaningful to your relationship? For example Sunday breakfast in bed, cooking, maintenance spanking, etc.

Maintenance spanking? Seriously? What we share is the couch. She has one end, I have the other.

Stock photo. Not actual blog author or wife.

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TMI Tuesday @ 3/4/2014

March 4, 2014

Hey! A short answer test. My favorite!

This attractive photo appears for purposes of titillation only. No relation to the following text is intended.

Below are several famous movie quotes but parts have been left for you to fill in and add a twist.

1. Wizard of Oz: “I’ve got a feeling we’re not in Kansas __rehab___ anymore.”

2. Apocalypse Now: “I love the smell of napalm __KY___ in the morning.”

3. Casablanca: “Here’s looking at you, kid __o, beautiful face in the mirror___ .”

4. On the Waterfront: “You don’t understand! I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I could’ve been somebody __a one-percenter___ , instead of a bum __wage slave___ , which is what I am.”

5. Star Wars: “May the Force __willing suspension of disbelief___ be with you.”

6. Fields of Dreams: “If you build __stroke him___ it, he will come.”

Bonus: Silence of the Lambs: “A census taker once tried to test __ennumerate___ me. I ate his liver __questionaire___ with some fava beans and a nice Chianti.”

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